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Visa Services

General Information

1. The Embassy of India Beijing issues tourist, business, employment, student, entry and other types of visas to Chinese nationals and to the nationals of other countries. The initial step is to fill the visa application form and submit along with the required documents/fees.

2. Visa applications are accepted directly from the applicants as well as through their representatives, including travel agents.

3. Those holding Diplomatic/Official/Public Affairs Passports should submit their visa applications at the Embassy between 0900 hrs to 1100 hrs on working days.

4. All other Visa applicants are to be submitted at:

India Visa Application Center, Beijing

BLS India Visa Application Centre

723, 7 th Floor, Towercrest Plaza,

3, Maizidian West Road,

Chao Yang District, Beijing

Helpline : 010 – 8446 3955

Email : info.bj@blsinternational.net

Website : www.blsindia-china.com

Timings (Monday to Friday)

Submission of visa applications:        0830 hrs – 1500 hrs

Collection of passports:               0830 hrs – 1730 hrs

Call Centre and Information Desk:     0830 hrs – 1730 hrs

A service charge of RMB 32 (inclusive of taxes) per application will apply in addition to regular visa fees.

Important Note:

The India Visa Application Centre provides visa application support service only and they have no power or influence over the outcome of an application. The decision to issue or refuse a visa is made solely by the officers at the Embassy of India, Beijing. India Visa Application Centre staff will provide visa information, but they cannot and will not offer immigration advice. If India Visa Application Centre staff claims to be able to influence your application, you should notify in writing to the Visa Wing at the Embassy of India, Beijing.

Advisory I:

Exemption from requirement of visa by diplomatic, official and ordinary passport holders of certain countries.


Advisory II:

Prohibition on the use of satellite phones in India

Use of satellite phones is banned in India; unauthorized possession & use is a punishable offence. All foreigners visiting India are advised not to carry any kind of satellite telephone into India.

Information on Various Types of Visas and documentation required

I. Visa for Chinese Nationals

  1. Tourist Visa
  2. Business Visa
  3. Employment Visa
  4. Project Visa
  5. Conference Visa
  6. Journalist Visa
  7. Student Visa
  8. Research Visa
  9. Medical Visa
  10. Transit Visa
  11. Intern Visa
  12. Sports Visa
  13. Film Visa
  14. Entry Visa

II. Visa for Nationals other than Chinese:

1. Additional Form required to be filled by Foreign Nationals

2. Request form for travel to India on tourist visa within 2 months of last exit from India