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ADVERTISEMENT: Vacancies at Embassy of India, Beijing

The Embassy of India in Beijing has twovacancies as per details given below:

Post Qualification Job Profile
Research Associate Bachelors/Master’s degree in Economics or Masters in Business Administration or equivalent degree with 2-3 years’ work experience
Salary: RMB 9300+Social Security
i. Assist Indian exporters through provision of information, facilitating visits and meetings, and through other means.
ii. Engage and liaise with the Chinese Government Departments and industry bodies
iii. Trade promotion assistance including organizing and coordinating participation in business exhibitions and other such platforms.
iv. Monitoring regulatory framework and laws and regulations and good knowledge of regulatory side issues    
Assistant Bachelor’s Degree
Salary: RMB 6100+Social Security
i. Engage and liaise with the Chinese Agencies / Departments
ii. Routine Administrative and Establishment works

Candidates please sendyour job application and resume with photograph before 28th February,2015.

Post Address:
Head of Chancery,
Embassy of India,
No. 5, Liang Ma Qiao BeiJie,
Chaoyang District,
Contact: +86 10 85312552(only in English)
Fax: +86 10 85312574
E-mail: admn@indianembassy.org.cn (Only in English)