Home > About Embassy > Remarks by Mr. Arun Sahu, Counsellor at the Opening ceremony of China International Yoga Conference 2012 On 24 August, 2012

I am extremely happy to be present once again at the inauguration of the China International Yoga Conference 2012. I thank the organizers for remembering me on this occasion.

India and China are not mere societies, they are civilizations. Our interaction and sharing of cultural traits go back to more than 3000 years. It is heartening to observe that youth of the new China have been eager to embrace the old age tradition and practices ofYoga which is one of the manifestations of the wisdom of ancient India. Today, Yoga is not only a symbol of Indian heritage but also that of bilateral as well as global sharing of culture. Between India and China, it has become a symbol of friendship, mutual cooperation and progress.

I wish the Conference all success and remain open to any suggestions for future collaboration with Embassy of India in Beijing.

Thank you