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1. The INS SHIVALIK arrived at Qingdao port of China at 1130h local time on 20 April 2014 to participate in the Multilateral Maritime Exercise Scheduled on 24 April 2014 as part of the commemorative events to celebrate the 65th Anniversary of the establishment of the PLA Navy.

2. The PLA Navy organized a welcome ceremony headed by Senior Colonel Wu Dongzhu Commander, Qingdao Naval Garrison of the PLA Navy. Senior Colonel Wu thanked the Indian Navy for their participation and welcomed the ship to Qingdao. The Commanding Officer of the INS SHIVALIK, Captain Puruvir Das, NM thanked the PLA Navy for the reception and stated that the ship looked forward to participating in the events being planned at Qingdao.

3. The year 2014 has been declared as the “Year of Friendly Exchanges” between India and China. The participation by INS SHIVALIK in the commemorative events of the PLA Navy is also in the spirit of the “Year of Friendly Exchanges” between the two countries. INS SHIVALIK will be hosting a reception on 22 April 2014 for the local Indian community, Chinese officials and PLA Navy members.

April 20, 2014