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List of Chinese Companies involved in trade dispute with Indian companies in 2012

List of Chinese Companies involved in trade dispute with Indian companies in 2012

S.N Regions in China Number of complaints received by the Mission in 2012
1 Hebei 24
2 Tianjin 16
3 Shandong 9
4 Hubei 9
5 Shaanxi 8
6 Liaoning 6
7 Beijing 4
8 Henan 3
9 Dalian 3
10 Chongqing 2
11 Gansu 1
12 Anhui 1
  TOTAL 86


1. M/s. Tianjin Sikeda Chemicals Co. Ltd
2. M/s. Tianjin Jinsheng Hongxiang Chemicals Co. Ltd
3. M/s. Tianjin Zhongshangda Import & Export Co. Ltd
4. M/s. China Wongsa Chemical Group Ltd
5. M/s. Tianjin Huimeitong Import & Export Co. Ltd
6. M/s. Tianjin Jiuxiang Chemical Co., Ltd
7. M/s. Tianjin MeiYadoa Chemical Co. Ltd.
8. M/s. Tianjin Hexion Chemicals Co. Ltd.
9. M/s. Tianjin Siterui Chemicals Co. Ltd
10. M/s. Tianjin Lonl Ykey Chemicals Company Limited
11. M/s. Tianjin Ruilin Chemicals Co. Ltd
12. M/s. Tianjin Guangjing Weiye Import & Exoirt Co. Ltd
13. M/s. Tianjin Eternal Grand International Trading Co. Ltd
14. M/s. Tianjin Weikete Import & Export Co. Ltd.
15. M/s China Sosul Group Ltd.
16. M/s Tianjin Whzw Chemicals Co.


1. M/s. Shijiazhuang Tianen Chemical Co. Ltd
2. M/s Xing Rui Na Chemical Co. Ltd
3. M/s Shijiazhuang Major Copper Imp. and Exp. Co. Ltd.
4. M/s. Shijiazhuang Kaoxin Chemical Co. Ltd
5. M/s. Shijiazhuang Hongtuo Chemical Co. Ltd
6. M/s Industrial Zone of Development District
7. M/s. Nanjing Sikaili Chemicals
8. M/s. Shijiazhuang Jiuguan Chemicals Co. Ltd
9. M/s. Qinhuangdao Yagang Chemicals Co. Ltd
10. M/s. Xingtai Basifu Chemical Co. Ltd
11. M/s. Shijiazhuang General Standard Metal Products Co. Ltd
12. M/s. M/s. Shijiazhuang Paiwei Chemical Import & Export Co. Ltd
13. M/s. Shenzhou City Yuxin Metal Products Co. Ltd.
14. M/s. Hebei Xingshi Chemicals Co. Ltd.
15. M/s. Hebei Huagao Import & Export Co. Ltd
16. M/s. Hebei Suhaote Chemicals Co. Ltd.
17. M/s. Kaiyun Industry Co., Ltd.
18. M/s. Qingdao Guanhuiyuan Commercial Co. Ltd.
19. M/s. M/s. Beijing Hengjin Shun International Trading Co. Ltd.
20. M/s. China Yuetai Industrial Co. Ltd.
21. M/s. Shijiazhuang Northern Jinhong Trade Co. Ltd.
22. M/s. Xingtai City Huitai Bicycle Import & Export Trade Co.
23. M/s. Hebei Feikenie International Co. Ltd.
24. M/s Handen Zhangyuan Chemical Co.Ltd.
25. M/s Hebei Sanlong Plastics Co.Ltd.


1. M/s Shan Xi Zhong Li Chemical Industry Co. Ltd
2. M/s Shanxi Beiteer Chemicals Co. Ltd.
3. M/s Shanxi Saiqiang Chemicals Co. Ltd.
4. M/s Shanxi Dikai Lun Gnemical Company Limited
5. M/s Shanxi Jieyuan Chemical Industry Co. Ltd.
6. M/s Shanxi Huitongda Chemicals Co. Ltd.
7. M/s Shanxi Termei Chemicals Co. Ltd.
8. M/s Shanxi Xinshilin Chemicals Co. Ltd.
9. M/s Shanxi Teermei Chemicals Co. Ltd.


1. M/s. Yantai Longsail Chemical Co. Ltd.
2. M/s. Jinan Wacker Chemical Co. Ltd.
3. M/s. Dili Industry Co. Ltd.
4. M/s Qingdao Aokai Chemical Co. Ltd.
5. M/s Qingzhou Gongle Electric Fan Co. Ltd.
6. M/s Qingdao Isally Chemicals Company Limited
7. M/s Jinxiang Shenglong Trade Co. Ltd.


1. M/s. Angel Yeast Co. Ltd.
2. M/s. Wuhan Ereli Import & Export Co. Ltd.
3. M/s Zhongxiang Jinhanjiang Refined Cotton Co. Ltd.
4. M/s Huanggang Ager Harware Co. Ltd.
5. M/s Wuhan He Da Yun Trading Co. Ltd.
6. M/s Jingzhou Arondyes Chemical Co.


1. M/s Dalian Zhongteng Trade Co. Ltd.
2. M/s Shenyang Kankailong Chemicals Co. Ltd.
3. M/s Shenyang Yuanmei Chemical Industry Co. Ltd.
4. M/s Dalian Wanfuya Chemicals Co. Ltd.
5. M/s Shengyang Longlongchang Xintai Import & Export Trading
6. M/s Shenyang Mingkexiinyuan Import & Export Co.


1. M/s Gun Su Jinbei Chemicals Co. Ltd., Gun Su
2. M/s Zhengzhou P&B Chemical Co. Ltd., Henan
3. M/s Hongkong Paloma Chemicals Co. Ltd., Beijing
4. M/s Longcom Enterprises Ltd., Anhui
5. M/s Chongqing Tongsheng Electrical & Mechanical Research Institute, Chongqing
6. M/s Henan Allrich Chemical Co. Ltd., Henan
7. M/s Boruifu International Chemicals (Beijing) Co. Ltd., Beijing
8. M/s Anhui Friand Imp. & Exp. Co. Ltd., Anhui