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Embassy of India

Press Note

The cooperation in the pharmaceuticals sector with focus on exports of Indian medicines to China has been one of the focus area in our bilateral engagements. The hugely popular Chinese movie Dying to Survive indicate popularity of Indian medicines in China. In this background, the Embassy of India in Beijing and Consulate General of India, Shanghai with support from Ministry of Commerce, Government of India, organized first ever India-China Drug Regulations Meeting in Shanghai on 21st June.

During the period of last one year the Embassy remained engaged with various Chinese authorities such as Ministry or Commerce, drug regulator National Medical Products Administration (NMPA), National Health Security Administration (NHSA) and trade bodies to promote fast track registration and exports of Indian medicines in this market. China is world’s second biggest pharma market and under their Healthy China 2030 policy , they are committed to provide quality drugs at affordable price to its citizens. India has emerged as pharmacy of the world by providing high quality generic drugs at very affordable price. Our global exports has reached $19 billion last year with India exporting to very high quality sensitive markets like US, Japan and EU. However our exports of pharma formulations to China is just $ 30 million which is insignificant as compared to the potential that exists. Indian side is working intensively to tap this potential and build up on the complementarities in trade in pharmaceuticals.

A special working group on pharmaceuticals has been constituted under India-China Strategic Economic Dialogue. National Development and Reform Commission of the People’s Republic of China (NDRC) hosted the first working group meeting during May 2019 in Beijing.

During the regulatory meeting, India’s drug regulator Dr. S. E. Reddy emphasized on the regulator becoming facilitator for improving affordability and accessibility of quality medicines to the citizens. Mr. Xu Jinghe, Deputy Commissioner of NMPA elaborated on reforms carried away by them in last two years and hoped for more engagements on this issue. Mr. Shyamal Misra the Joint Secretary of Commerce pitched for clearing various regulatory hurdles faced by Indian companies in China. Dr. Mandeep Bhandari, Joint Secretary Health advocated for more coordinated role to be played by the regulators from both the sides. The intensive day long nine hour session covered details deliberations in six sessions such as Regulatory overview of NMPA, Registration of imported drugs in China, Indian regulatory system, Drug Procurement system in China, NMPA overseas inspections and compliance guide, API registration process in China.

Mr. Anil Rai, Consulate General Shanghai welcomed the delegates and set the tone for the meeting by highlighting areas of Indian concerns. Mr. Prashant Lokhande summarizes the session with a clear message of outcome oriented future engagements between the regulators and commercial ministries. In the background of growing acceptance of Indian medicines, he expressed desire to work with provincial governments to get more access to Indian medicines in registration and procurement process. He delivered the message from India’s Ambassador Mr. Vikram Misri that a clear road map for increasing share of Indian medicines in Chinese market needs to be in place. The meeting between the regulators should be regular.

35 Indian and 30 Chinese pharma companies attended the session with host of government delegates from NMPA, NHSA, MFA, CCCMHPIE etc. The Indian pharma companies expressed that this was a very enriching session and needs to have the same at regular intervals. Earlier today India’s drug regulator Dr. S. E. Reddy had a bilateral meeting with Mr Xu Jinghe, Deputy Commissioner of NMPA and discussed major areas of engagements between two regulators.