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4th International Day of Yoga-2018

The 4th International Day of Yoga celebrations began with the Curtain Raiser event at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Headquarters on 16 June 2018 in Beijing and continued for a week, concluding with the signature event on 21st June at India House, Beijing. During this period, Embassy also organized a highly popular Yoga event on 16 June at the Longfu Temple in Langfang city (Hebei) and a special Yoga workshop on breathing (16-17 June) and diabetes (June 18) at the Embassy’s Culture Centre. All the activities saw enthusiastic participation from Chinese Yoga lovers and practitioners.

2. On 16 June, for the very first time, an International Day of Yoga event was held in the premises of SCO Headquarters. At this historical event, India as a new member of SCO promoted Yoga among the enthusiastic participants from the ‘SCO Family’. The programme began with the welcome address by Mr. Rashid Alimov, Secretary General of SCO and Mr. Gautam Bambawale, Ambassador of India to China, followed by Yoga practice for 30 minutes and a 10-minute demonstration of Advanced Yoga asanas or postures by a delegation of Yoga experts from the Indian Ministry of AYUSH.

3. At the Longfu Temple in Langfang city, Hebei province (16 June), more than 300 young Yoga enthusiasts who came from different parts of China participated in a coordinated Yoga practice session. The interactive Yoga workshop on 16-17 June at the Embassy Culture Centre was well received by the Chinese guests. With the help of live demonstrations and power point presentation, the participants learnt Yoga techniques related to breathing and general healthy living. The workshop on 18 June focused on diabetes, where specific Yoga asanas were demonstrated by Embassy’s Yoga teacher.

4. 4th International Day of Yoga celebrations concluded with the signature Yoga event on 21 June at the India House, Beijing. The programme began with a keynote address by Ambassador of India to China, Mr. Gautam Bambawale. Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s video message for people all across the world celebrating the 4th International Day of Yoga was played for the gathering of yoga lovers and enthusiasts. More than 600 participants then jointly practiced different Yoga asanas and postures from the Common Yoga Protocol. The event concluded with an advance Yoga demonstration by senior Yoga practitioners based in Beijing.